Sideswipe: October 16: Winter gift for beer lovers
1. "I like watching wild birds at my work. I watched a young magpie steal bread off a raven. The magpie's family then attacked the young magpie, took the bread off and gave it back to the raven. They ...

Jacques Chirac, the beer lover who upgraded Mouton
As president, Chirac was known as a beer drinker rather than a wine lover, in stark contrast to his predecessor ... In 2003, Chirac gave UK prime minister Tony Blair a half-case of Mouton Rothschild ...

Midland Engraved Beer Mug

These engraved beer mugs are so high-caliber, they should be outlawed! Solidly built from premium glass, each personalized beer mug features our exclu

Yardley Personalized Beer Stein

For an instant Wow! factor when stocking your home bar or giving out amazing groomsman gifts, nothin

Midas Gold Rim Custom Beer Mug

Uphold the highest of standards around the bar with this handsome gold rim custom beer mug. Througho

Emerson Custom Dimpled Beer Stein Glass

Regardless of where your beer is from, everything will taste better in our Emerson custom dimpled be

Class Act Custom Beer Mug

Are you or someone you know classy yet sassy? For the class act with an attitude there is no better

Celtic Harp Personalized Glass Beer Mug

You can practically hear the glistening melodies of the legendary Celtic Harp when you drink from th

Mark Of Excellence Beer Mug, 25 oz

Pull up a stool and grab a cold one with our 25 ounce Mark of excellence beer glass. Featuring a tra

Embossed Beer Mug with Personalized Crest

Perfect for groomsmen, colleagues, or any beer drinking friend, our custom beer mug is sure to becom

Royal Crested Yardley Beer Stein

Great times with friends drinking some great beers calls for equally great beer mugs, such as our ro

Oakmont Personalized Pint Mug 16 oz

This debonair pint mug strikes the perfect balance between contemporary and traditional. This fine b

Classic Monogram Traditional German Beer Stein

Everyone has experienced drinking from a pint glass. It’s become your average beer drinking experien

Midland Engraved Beer Mug

These engraved beer mugs are so high-caliber, they should be outlawed! Solidly built from premium gl

Classic Groomsman Gift Engraved Pint Mug, 16 oz

When it comes time to toast the happy new couple, the occasion calls for our Classic Groomsman engra

World's Best Dad - Custom Colossal Beer Mug Gift from Daughter or Son

Great dads have great appetites, and an appetite for beer no less. Pass dad a worthy mug with this h

Colossal Wedding Party Personalized Beer Mug

For those standing next to you on your big day, only a larger than life token of appreciation will d

Police Badge Custom Beer Stein – Gift for Law Enforcement

Law and order have been foundations in any civilized society. Another one of those foundations is an

Best Dad Award Custom Beer Mug Gift

He used to be the best at chugging beer but now he is a master at changing diapers! Gift your husban

Wedding Party Personalized Beer Mug

Have your wedding party toast in style with our attractive Wedding Party engraved beer mugs. These h

Brewmaster 15 oz Classic Monogram Beer Mugs, Set of 4

Because we decided to put a classic monogram onto these etched beer mugs, now any beer lover can aff

Good Times Good Beer Engraved Shadow Box

What’s a good time if there isn’t any beer involved? Collect your memories with our Good Times Good

Cassidy Personalized Stainless Steel Pint Glass

There’s no question that modern times have brought many advancements in beer, but it’s hard to beat

Kiss My Putt Faux Leather Can Holder, Natural

There are leisurely golfers, then there are the golfers that live for the game. Give your seriously

Beer Pong Champion Personalized Bar Sign

It may appear coincidental that you have found this personalized bar sign, and you know a real-life

Best Beer Personalized Bottle Cap Shadow Box

These sleek black shadow boxes hold all of your beer caps while encouraging you to keep the beers fl

Class Act Personalized Can Cooler

There is subtle classy and then there is classy as F. Be the latter with this refined as hell person

Sizzler Beer Saver & Bottle Opener

Flat beer is a thing of the past thanks to this handy little tool! A life changer in the beer game,

Timeless Wedding Blackout Beer Growler

Best friends make the best groomsmen Gift them something they deserve with our Timeless Wedding blac

Craft Beer Personalized English Pub Glass

Serve your guests in classic tavern style with our custom English pub glass. Each personalized beer

Here for the Beer Engraved Pint Glass

Everyone, stand clear: we’re here for the beer! If that statement makes you ready for happy hour, th

Personalized Westbrook Wall Bottle Opener

Never waste time digging through drawers for trying to remember the last place you had your bottle o

Hopewell Custom Beer Tap Handle - Choose Your Design

Every guy has his own individual taste when it comes to beer, so give your home bar a unique touch w

Custom Charcoal Faux Leather Beer Koozie, Set of 4

There are plenty of things to worry about, warm beer should not never one of these things. Crafted f

I'm Here for Beer Custom Pint Glass

Whether it’s a wedding reception, birthday party, or a big family dinner, some guys will always tell

The Man The Myth The Legend Engraved Spiegelau IPA Glass

What makes a legend? They don’t settle for anything second rate. That’s probably what Spiegelau and

Drake Personalized Bottle Openers & Beer Mugs for Groomsmen – Gift Set for 5

Your groomsmen have been with you through it all and now they’re going to be there for you on your b

Benton Personalized Beer Mug

Impress your friends with the color and clarity of your favorite brew in our Benton personalized bee

The Man The Myth The Legend Beer Glass Set with Gift Box

Did he fight a bear and win? Did he once build a log cabin in a day? He deserves to enjoy his beer w

Regal Crested Britannia Dimple Beer Mug

Give a handsome gift to last a lifetime with our personalized beer mug. Crafted from sturdy glass, f

Take Flight Pilotwings Colossal Beer Mug

A beer glass that is sure to soar far above the others in your glassware collection, you will have m

Rushmore Engraved Beer Mug

Beer holds a special place in American history. Keep the tradition alive with this time-honored pers

Oxford Personalized Beer Mug

Add some class to your bar glassware collection with our Oxford personalized beer mug. Featuring our

Fueled By Fire Beer Stein for Firefighters

Steins with lids originated in the 1400's to keep flies out of your beer, an ancient necessity that

Custom Crest Stainless Steel Moscow Mule Mug, 16 oz

Celebrate the chilled beauty of a traditional vodka cocktail with this unique stainless steel Moscow

Stanford Engraved Beer and Cigar Gift Set – Unique Best Man Gift

You chose your best man because he’s been your friend through thick and thin. Now you can get him a

Personalized Beer Mugs, Set of 4 - 25 oz

Take one down and pass it around for all your friends with our set of 4 personalized beer mugs. Incl

Colossal Monogrammed Beer Mug

Big game on big screen TV? Check. Big time party at your place? Check. Big thirst? Check. An awesome

King of Steins Personalized Colossal Beer Mugs, Set of 2

With a mug fit for a king, these huge beer glasses will be more than enough to satisfy any outlandis

Modern Beer Bar Sign and Collossal Beer Mug

You should be able to show off your love of all things beer in your home bar. No one will be able to

Ohio State Buckeyes Large Beer Mug (Engravable)

Finally, a large enough beer mug to fit all of that massive devotion to your Ohio State Buckeyes. Th

Man Cave Personalized Beer Mug with Name and Date

Say goodbye to all of those flimsy mugs in your man cave with this heavy-duty personalized beer mug.

Classic Groomsman Custom Beer Mugs - 5 Groomsmen Gifts

You and your groomsmen always had an excuse to drink: college football Saturday, NFL Sunday, and NBA

World's Best Dad - Engraved Beer Mug Gift for Dads

Dads are wonderful people. From the time you’re a kid until you grow into the adult he helped mold,

Elton Personalized Cigar & Beer Gift Set for Men

The best gifts combine things people love. This beer gift set for men is no different. With a beechw

The Man, The Myth, The Legend Custom 5 Piece Beer Mugs Groomsmen Gift

All of your groomsmen know that the legend is true. Epic tales are told of your escapades and now th

Billiard Balls Custom Engraved Beer Mug

Beer and billiards. Two complementary man made creations destined to be best friends. Speaking of be